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Sweet shooter. Perfect for concealed carry. The Ruger Precision Rimfire.

AHPA 8th Annual Botanical Congress

For PRS shooters and Ruger Precision Rifle owners, this may be an ideal rimfire cross-trainer, with ergonomics and balance like their centerfire rig. This PRS-style. The Ruger Marksman trigger adjust from 2. I received this package and it was completely new. It had never been opened. At the range, the scope was as clear as a bell.

The picture was exceptional. The adjustments were easy and true. Check out those groups. This works out to just 6. These are 5-shot groups at 50 yards with an Anschutz rifle. This is an incredible value. The Ruger LCP is light 9. The little LCP is small enough to fit in a pocket. For those looking for a very light-weight, easy-to-conceal handgun, this little Ruger is a solid choice.

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There is also a removable accessory tray for handguns or other accessories. There is padding on top and the outside of the bench is covered with stitched brown polyurethane.

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In the upper compartment above the guns , you can store blankets, bedding, or other gear. NOTE: while the gun compartment has a lock, and there are steel and magnesium components, this is NOT a fully shielded gun locker.

Some bench walls are wood composite. Also some assembly is required. This makes it easy to haul four full ammo cans. Very well built and great design. Awesome and a steal at the price. Even if you have a good set of calipers, you may want to get one of these Neiko A Digital Calipers. The 1 best-selling digital caliper on Amazon. With over customer reviews, this product has earned an overall rating of 4. Use the codes listed below during check-out to save. Note, some restrictions apply read fine print.

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To take advantage of Cyber Monday, you must ACT on these deals and promotions before time runs out at pm. Yes that includes powder, bullets, dies, reloading tools and more. Cutting Edge Bullets produces advanced monolithic bullets made on computer-controlled lathes. Cutting Edge also produces hunting bullets. Since lathe-turned bullets are pricey, this is a great opportunity to try some at a significant discount.

Agricultural Input Subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa | IDS Bulletin

This includes barrels, accessories, muzzle brakes, suppressor covers, clothing, other gear. But, this does not appear to apply to the cost of suppressors themselves. This promotion does NOT include pistols and rifles. For Cyber Monday, Creedmoor Sports has slashed prices on dozens of items. There are big cash-value discounts on everything XLR sells.

Here are some of the best Cyber Monday Deals on handguns:. Save on well-designed, long-wearing pants, shirts, outerwear, gloves, and boots. Preferablyunder Serious,square young man with musical ability Must be able to sing and oct. Must be able to oct. The ability to sing is preferred but not prohibit Moria Elena HollyAtrctive, under 25 of American Classy ond weleducated.

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