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This facility is AAA owned and operated. This facility offers priority battery health diagnostic services to AAA members and if necessary, install a new AAA battery with 72 month pro-rated warranty including 3-year free replacement at exclusive member pricing. Takes Online Appointments. An automatic transmission is second only to the engine as the most complex and costly mechanical component on your car.

To work properly, an automatic transmission must be filled with a specific fluid that is maintained at a precise level. An overheating gearbox can increase the likelihood of friction. This, in turn, can result in the loosening of particles and shavings which can contaminate the transmission fluid. What is circulating in your transmission is not clean fluid. The frequency of changing the transmission fluid is debatable.

There are no clear-cut guidelines as to when you should change your transmission fluid. It is best to consult your manual to determine the recommended schedule. Some recommend changing it every 30, miles while others say every 60, miles is more appropriate. There are also those that recommend changing the transmission fluid every , miles for automatics.

Keep in mind that these figures reflect normal driving conditions. First, let your car run for about 5 minutes or so. Pull out the transmission fluid dipstick and wipe it off using a clean rag. Put it back into the transmission before pulling it out again. Check the appearance of the transmission fluid on the dipstick.

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If it is very dark, this often means you need to change it. Try smelling it, too.

If it smells burned, then you need to change the fluid. However, if the fluid looks brand new or clear, then there is no need to change the fluid. Do check its level, though. Remember to use only fluid recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Transmission Flush & Car Fluids

Jack up the front end of your vehicle so you can access the transmission pan underneath. Next, place your drain pan underneath the transmission. Remove the bolts that secure the transmission pan. You may also have to pry the seal open to remove the pan and drain the transmission fluid. Always inspect any debris that you see. Make sure you are not driving around with low transmission fluid.

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How to Change Transmission Fluid and Filter | Mobil™ Motor Oils

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Transmission Flush & Fluid Change

Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Family Handyman. Extend the life of your engine by changing transmission fluid.

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We show you what you need and how to do it. Overview: How to change transmission fluid Buy a special transmission fluid pump Transmission fluid pump This transmission fluid pump is the key to saving you time and money when you change transmission fluid.

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How to Recognize Old Fluid New fluid is bright red.