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How to Increase Website Conversions - Joanna Wiebe - Copyhackers

When you read a subject line like that, you have no reason to open! You just got the tl;dr in the subject line. As more emails are read on mobile devices, subject lines will be increasingly truncated. So that character gem you just wrote? Try cutting that down to at most 35 characters, which is the maximum recommended for mobile. To be safe?

Save up to 50% off Discounts at CopyHackers Coupon Code

Aim for fewer than 25 characters. Trusted senders rarely use Title Case, rarely personalize and rarely follow the rules of grammar and punctuation. Preheader text is the least discussed copy in an email, which makes it a huge opportunity because so few businesses are taking advantage of it. Not very meaningful, right? Wasted space, and a wasted opportunity to increase opens. You should use that preheader space to give subscribers a reason to open your email.

Build on your subject line with it, as Club Monaco does below. Or give more specifics, as Hotels. So what are you gonna do differently to optimize your emails to get more opens? Print off the following checklist and post it near your desk. To get higher open rates, how be? It may surprise you to learn that the email subject lines with the highest open rates are very lengthy. Those with over 46 characters in length have a 9. To get higher click rates, how long should my subject line be?


Click rates are highest for subject lines that are either very short at 0 to 15 characters 2. Compare that to a less-than 1. Although very long and very short subject lines get the highest open and click rates, email marketers tend to use subject lines that are between 31 and 45 characters in length. In fact, for every 1 email sent using a very short subject line chars , there are 7 emails sent that use the oh-so common mid- length line chars.

Should I personalize my subject lines? Personalized subject lines have an average open rate of 6. However, unsubscribe rates are lower for personalized subject lines 0. The number 1 is a very important number in email marketing. Here are a few other 1s for you:. A newsletter can help you reach any number of marketing goals, so every time you sit down to write a newsletter, you should start by considering your goal:. I guess that makes sense, but I always saw my newsletter as a distribution channel for my content, which I want to reach as many people as possible.

So I just send the whole thing. The reason you need to start with your conversion goal is because everything you write in your newsletter should move your reader toward that goal. Yes, the busy subscriber can simply click the title and head straight to the post, but the engaged subscriber gets pulled in by a ton of clever anticipation building. Because so many newsletters are lead-ins to blog posts, it often seems that the only goal would be CTR; you want to get people to click through to your post.

But what you most want, most often, is for your reader not just to click to consume your content… but to click and share or comment on your content. Desktop emails. Well — everything, frankly. For one, your workflow is different. All these factors contribute to how likely a reader will take action on your email, or, if they can take action at all.

You need to consider whether the action you want them to take is easy or optimized for their context, whatever that context may be. So change your goal accordingly. But the email can and should:. Ramsay Taplin at BlogTyrant. Here, you can see that he not only names the group he wants to leave comments most i. Think of this: to leave a comment requires the same effort and level of engagement necessary to get a student in a lecture theatre to raise her hand and ask a question or comment on what you, the lecturer, said.

Calling out questions and asking people to raise their hands with the answer is the opposite of requiring everybody to think. Terry McGlynn, associate professor at Cal State And as an example of asking a tough or stimulating question, check out this newsletter by copywriter Neville Medhora :.

Also, be sure to make it easy for your reader to comment. Additional quick tips for writing newsletters that can increase comments and shares:. So if you know your conversion goal is to do X, do your best to get the reader to X in little time, as Nir Eyal does in this newsletter:. Send your newsletter in 2 groups over 2 days. That time limit is critical! Fulfill the promise that lured your readers to sign up for your newsletter in the first place.

The Copy Hackers E-book Bundle | StackSocial

Start with AIDA. Then follow the other fundamentals of conversion- focused newsletter copywriting discussed in this chapter. So why not sign up for the newsletter of every copywriter you come across? You can keep their newsletters in a Swipe File for reference when writing. You may be familiar with AIDA, a popular acronym copywriters often follow to structure their copy for best results.

This makes the copy very easy to move through. At minimum, the opening lines of your newsletter should be very short to draw readers in, like Melissa Cassera does:. You may have noticed that the example newsletters in this ebook are rarely if ever heavily designed.

Landing Page Design Best Practices

Masterful copywriting plays a big part in the difference between a website that converts like crazy and one that simply falls flat, failing to engage potential customers. This resource guide provides links that will give you a strong foundation for writing great web copy. So, this guide includes resources that are not specific to online copywriting, but, nonetheless, will help you build a strong arsenal of copywriting skills you can take to the web. Copywriting by Copyblogger — This lesson e-book will teach you the fundamentals of how to excel at direct-response copywriting, which is, as Copyblogger tell us, one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing.

Manage all your WordPress sites with the MainWP Dashboard

You can find more free material in the copywriting section of their Marketing Library. These e-books will show you how to use great copy in your content marketing, email marketing, landing pages, and more. The Definitive Guide to Copywriting — This 30,plus-word guide from Quick Sprout teaches you how to optimize your copy to increase website conversions.

It leads you from gathering the information necessary to write great copy all the way to understanding how copy and design complement each other on your webpage. Think about how you can apply each one to your site. Find out which ones. Learn how writing web copy differs from copywriting for social media and from email marketing. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Tested Advertising Methods — A classic book on how to write effective copy, from the headline formulas that really work to the secrets behind ad copy that sells.

How to Write a Good Advertisement — Another classic on the core elements of effective copywriting.

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The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand — Breaking down your product or idea into words that are easy for everyone to understand is almost always a challenge, especially if you work in technology. This book teaches you how to communicate clearly and effectively with your audience. Breakthrough Advertising — Dense and quite expensive, this classic is best for those who already have read the books listed above and are looking for a way to dig even deeper into how to write effective copy.

Copy Hackers — Copy Hackers has a special place in my heart because the Starter Bundle is the first copywriting course I ever purchased. What makes the Copy Hackers e-books so effective is that they are jam-packed with exercises you can apply to your website immediately.

Copy Hour — Copy Hour challenges you to spend one hour a day hand-copying high-converting headlines, letters, web copy, and advertisements written by top marketers and copywriters. Each article should have an Introduction, the Body, and a Conclusion. The body should contain various points complete with examples and sources. In order to give authority to your post, that structure must include references.

References can come in the form of links to authoritative sources as well as examples. Dan Shewan reminds us at Wordstream ,. Official associations, government websites, heavily cited research papers, and preeminent industry experts are all good examples. Joanna Wiebe created a formula that includes high standards for utilizing authority on your blog post. The 2S stands for two studies. Are there two studies that support your point? It might be something from a data-rich publication such as an academic journal or study.

It may also mean a study you may have ran for your own business. The 5E stands for five examples. The 10O stands for ten links going to places off your website.

The final part of the formula is the point of view. This is where we form an opinion about the topic, where we make an assessment. Now, this standard that Wiebe created might not be attainable every time you write a post, but if you make a solid attempt, your post will be more authoritative than most in your industry.

This is the very reason we need to practice good formatting. Next, make sure your article follows a good format. Here, I am not talking about your structure.

Coupons for Stores Related to

With your format, your article should contain shorter paragraphs, engaging images, and links that are easy to understand and makes it more readable. Bill Widmer has a fantastic article on formatting your blog posts at Code in WP. One of the things he mentions is,. Formatting adds white space, which makes pages more scannable. He breaks down different ways you can make use of formatting including using headers and subheaders.

Finally, your article should include compelling content, but you should also write like Hemingway. Hemingway was famous for expressing deep thought using regular, everyday language. Write like Hemingway. Brian Clark of Copywriter said ,. But really, who better than Hemingway to emulate?